Honda CB300F Sparkplugs
Honda CB300F



cbr300 sparkplugs


Honda CB300F Sparkplugs

Honda CB300F sparkplugs are offered in Iridium and platinum tips. Two seperate temperature ranges are also offered according to your riding style.

For a more economical riding style for the Honda CB300F we offer a colder plugs or hotter plugs for Honda CB300F riders that are constantly taking the bike to the maxHonda CB300F sparkplugs come in songle electrode as well as dual electrodes. Our Honda CB300F sparkplugs are low resistance wil allow a stronger spark to pass through.

For racing applications we recommend using our high perforamcne sparkplug wires for racing also. Out core materials are much thicker than the original spark plug wires and allow a much more powerful spark to be passed to the Honda CB300F sparkplug.